About me and my work:

Obviously, my name is Stefanie. I was born in 1976 in Stuttgart/Germany.

Actually, I live in Leipzig/Germany. A city known for its huge bookfair. My household contains not only myself, but two teenage girls as well as a man and two cats.

I do work as a writer since a couple of years, but since now I wrote for the German market only, even hitting the Kindle-Top-Ten in my country.

FERROPOLIS is my first novel published in English language as well. "Kalte Berechnung" is the German title, published by dotbooks in 2012.

I always loved to play with language and it was an exciting experiment for me, to see, if I can do this in a foreign language too. I translated the novella myself, but got great help from Greg F. Gifune, who worked as a freelance-editor for me. In my opinion he made a huge difference for the book, putting "what the german girl wanted to say" into the right form. Now it comes along sharp as a bullet, and I recommend: Go and see for yourself!

About the book:

FERROPOLIS is a short and dynamic story, that's based on true events - until a certain point where it becomes fiction. It's a revenge story, with potential to creep under your skin.

They meet on the Internet, a young teenage girl and an older man who at first seems kind and friendly. He thinks he’s found the perfect victim. He thinks he can control her. He thinks he can manipulate and threaten her into doing any number of unspeakable things, not only online but in person. What he doesn’t know is who he’s actually talking to, and what lies in wait at their real-life meeting.
An abused child…A monstrous sexual predator…a mother bent on revenge…and a storm of violence and intrigue where the lines between predator and prey no longer exist…
Prey for mercy.